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Traditional skills

Challenge is founded on an American craft tradition which depends on the close relationship between client and maker.


Attention to detail

Every piece of cabinetry that is made for your home is carefully quality controlled, from the sourcing of high quality materials,to preciscion installation.


We use traditional techniques to create timeless kitchen designs for today’s busy lifestyles, to suit both period and modern settings. Ingenuity and functionality are key to our designs. We strive to create timeless cabinetry, with exquisite decorative detailing that is not only eye-catching, but is also highly practical and durable.

Designed for today


One element that makes Challenge unique is the VERSATILITY of the products we can produce.  Often a home may require different quality levels.  The client may desire top level kitchen and master bath cabinets, but based off of budget limitations, a laundry or guest bath may need to be scaled down a bit.  At Challenge we can work with you to accomplish your budget goals and still end up with the look your desire.  Our fully professional paint spray booths allow for any custom color and provides a unparalled quality finish.  The options for cabinet finishes are endless,   As the saying goes “If you can imagine it, we can make it!” 

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